miércoles, 29 de mayo de 2013

Why I will turn back.

Cuz i’m tired of the same thing
and all of us need to change
cuz you just let me in the rain
and you don’t even care
i’m not going to stay for long
and this is not fun anymore
so i will change my mind
well, he changed himself
and i don’t want any apologize
i don’t need more compromises
i’m not hoping that you'll understand me
but right now i don’t have any hope
i’m just so give up
twisting my mind
changing you’re thoughts
your mind it’s blank
and also you’re soul…
I’m going to be more cold
and unexpresfull
cuz none will play with my heart
cuz the only thing that i will do it’s break you’re heart
‘cuz right or wrong, it’s her choice.
To being bad for being safe.
Cuz there’s nothing that i can’t do
There's nothing left to save.

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