domingo, 5 de mayo de 2013

Another man... Another name.

Another man, another name.
Another night I’m dying to forget.
Allow me to thank you for being so sweet, for waiting until the bottle ends to take me to bed.
I’m not a child anymore, that’s what I guess… I know what I do and what I should not… Or that’s what I like to think.
Another man, another night for hating myself
But, what can I say?
I can not complain.
I knew since fifteen that nothing’s for free.
Take me home, take me for a ride,
Tell me I’m yours, even when it’s just a lie.
Please treat me right.
Please be good to me.
Please give me a kiss goodnight
Tell me you wont forget me, my dear.
Take me for a ride.
Take me faraway.
Make me yours, one, two, three times… I couldn’t care less… As long as I stay.
How can you be polite when the night it’s so rude?
How can I feel good after that when I know tomorrow you’ll forget me too.

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