viernes, 20 de marzo de 2015

I met an artist

I met an artist the other night
He was soft as a cloud
I climbed into his back
Kiss his neck, ears and hands.

I found a friend in the moning shine.
Someone to play with, under the sheets and behind.
I told him all my histoires
He laughted, he smiled, and held me real tight.

I lost a lover for the lunch break
And we walked down the streets, holding hands.
I saw the most beautiful red flower I've ever seen.
Tiny bloody sparkle all over the green tree.
He cutted one, just for me.

I remember the smell of that man in me.
Took a shower just for the need.
Hide his picture under my favorite pillow
So at night, he could still lie to me.
And I can dream I met him, everytime my eyes close down.

I loved a man just for one day
And he allowed me to give all the love I could give.
Then and ever since...
I still sit in the same spot, just in case he remembers and comes back.

Oh, great artist... 
Where have you gone?

I'm still having a lot of love...

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