miércoles, 25 de febrero de 2015

A cheese song

Yeah. You're mad.
Sorry, don't know why.
If you could help me up, with this song I just wrote
Maybe we could warm the cold war.
- Sorry, I'm feeling quite poetic tonight. -

If I.. Don't crack,
then maybe tonight,we'll grow
like trees over the sheep,
But babe, I'm tired,
The sun wont show this time.

if I, could just close the deal,
maybe we could leave, this town,
forget about ourselves, and life...

And maybe I could start, again,
somewhere I wont feel, worthless,
and you can sleep with me, 
all day,
and sing...
the waltz in the shower,
making the time ours,
loving in the streets of mountains hills.

If only you could hold me the way I stick on your arm and maybe just pretend I did something right.
But I can hear you whisper, fear is our rival, tears grow in my eyes and drown me into rivers, close your hand real tight cuz darling I just put my heart on it, tonight.

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